Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful September weekend

Bill and I got to spend time at the cabin TOGETHER this weekend. Can you believe it? ...and, what a beautiful weekend!!! Here are some pics...

Twins sleeping on the couch. Actually, Kaiser has to be wrapped around your head. Here he is with Daddy. Kaiser ran out in the street a few days earlier, downstate, and got hit by a car. He is fine, just a little sore.

Beautiful early fall morning sky. I took this in our 'backyard'.

Kaiser going after as stick in the lake. He is curious about the water, but still a little suspicious about it. Plus, he didn't like his manly parts touching the cold water. It was a hoot!

Beautiful sunny day. Hardly a breeze and 70 degrees makes for a really nice day.

This was a surprise gift from Bill to me. OK, you may think this is silly, but trudging through the snow to get firewood in the middle of the night, isn't any fun! This will hold me for a couple of days. I just need Bill to get me 'Sven, the lumberjack' and winter will be perfect...LOL