Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish Video

Good evening everyone,

Of the fishing equipment I have my favorite is my Aquaview camera. It gives a view of what the fish are looking at. Some considerate it cheating but just because you can see
the fish does not mean you are going to catch them. Having the camera can be very frustrating because you can see the fish but cannot get them to bite. I thought I would share some video of some pike that I was able to video.

These videos are courtesy of my lovely wife Denise who bought me the DVR for my Aquaview so that I could record these fish. I hope you enjoy these videos.

Right after this Northern Pike went off camera my friend Tom caught him. He was a 28 inch fish. We threw him back. It was a lot of fun catching him and seeing him on camera before he was caught.

This is just long video of a pike. We did everything we could to get him in then boat but he did not want to cooperate. He will be there another time.

Hope you enjoy these.

Take care,


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great Backyard Bird Count

I always like to count our cabin birds during the Great Backyard Birdcount. I'm always hoping for something rare or new-to-me to show up in the yard, and I was not disappointed!

Here is the species list for our cabin, this year:

Mourning Dove 8
Red-bellied Woodpecker 2
Downy Woodpecker 2
Hairy Woodpecker 2
Blue Jay 1
Black-capped Chickadee 3
Tufted Titmouse 2
White-breasted Nuthatch 4
White-winged Crossbill 1
Pine Siskin 1
American Goldfinch 87

The White-winged Crossbill was a new-to-me yard bird this year. In fact, I had the camera in my hand, he showed up and I flung the camera in the air and fumbled it because I was so surprised. Hence, the photo didn't come out well. I am checking with my pals at Northern Michigan Birding to confirm my White-winged Crossbill. At first, I thought that he was a Pine Grossbeak, but then I noticed the hooked bill. Normally, I have some of the highest numbers in the State of Michigan for American Goldfinch, but I don't think that I did this year. However, if they were doing the count today - I counted nearly 200 American Goldfinch in my yard this morning, before coming home.

Here are some pics...

Goldfinch 'dripping' from the trees waiting to get to the feeders.

There are 17 American Goldfinch on the ground by this feeder. I have 3 different feeders that the Goldfinch can get on. Plus, I have a woodpecker seed feeder, but the Goldfinch can't get on it.

Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker, involved in a little pre-season mating ritual. They dance around the trees with each other and stick their necks out straight. It's amusing to watch.

Mrs. Hairy on the no-no feeder. All the birds that can 'cling' love this feeder. I love it because the squirrels can't destroy it.

And here he is, the White-winged Crossbill. He was only in the yard for a few seconds.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snowing again!

***But first - Bill and I will be going to see my Mom and Grandma in Florida at the beginning of March. YAY!!! Can't wait to see them!***

Bill has been on the road since 6:00am with Cleo. He JUST got to the cabin at 11:00am! He said the roads are terrible.

I am at work right now and heading to the cabin around 4:00pm today. Thank you to everyone who has asked if I am still employed. Yes, I am, but terribly short handed and excrutiatingly busy. Work is interfering with my social life...LOL The cloud still hangs over that more furloughs are coming. But, for now, I am safe.

I have been clipping coupons and studying hard at being a 'strategic shopper'. Check out I've been learning a lot there. Unfortunately her website is down today.

Anyway, I'll be heading up north around 4:00pm today. Hopefully the roads will be better. In the mean time, here are some pic's of Cleopatra, Queen of the Cabin.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well hello everyone
We had a nice weekend. Got just about everything on my list . Denise saved big money at the grocery store. The total was about $140 after all her coupons she walked out with a total around $ 80.00. She is very proud of herself and I am proud of her as well.
The weather has been very nice the last couple of days. It got into the 60s today. Short sleeve weather here in Michigan. But Mother Nature is going to bring us back to reality by the weekend, back to the 30s.
I got this pic in an email from my wonderful Mother in law.

The snow can get a little deep here. I think they may need snow shoes.
Not sure if I am going up north this weekend I'll decide by the Thursday. Hopefully the ice will be OK, if so I may be able to get some more fishing in.
Well just some general ramblings. Have a good rest of the week.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend at home

Hello Everyone,

This weekend Denise and I are staying at home. This will be the first weekend home for me this year and after last weekend with the guys it will be nice to be at home. We certainly had a good time last weekend. I didn't take a lot of pics but here are some.

Looking out at our shanties from Tom's place. It was about a 5 minute walk out to the shanties.

A pic of the inside of my shanty. I take a lot of ribbing for how much stuff I have. What can I say I really like my eletronics.

Here is view out my shanty window. Sorry about the blurry image but its a plastic window. That is my friends Rick's shanty on the left and the colored things on the ice are some of our tip ups.

Here a few of the perch I caught. It was a tough fishing weekend. The only thing biting were the perch. Got enough for a nice meal for Denise and I. My friends were also generous enough to give me thier catch as well.

After a hard day of fishing it is back inside to eat well, watch the Superbowl (Good job Steelers) and play cards. This pic is of my Friends Jeff, Chris, Tom and Craig playing cards. As the eveing went on the game got louder. They were all having a good time. A little side note. Chris (the bald guy facing you) just got back from Iraq where he served at a field hospital. He is a trauma nurse. We are all glad he is back safely home to his wife and 4 kids.

So anyway back to this weekend.

I cleaned house the last two days and today I am going to start cleaning the basement. Denise has spent the last two days trying to undo my laundry opps. I washed the whites and did not realize there was a red sock in with them. All those whites are now pink. Should be interesting at the next fish camp with the guys.

I will also be going up to our cities recycling center to take up the glass, plastic, tin and cardboard. I take our newspapers up to the church, where they have a bin. By doing that it helps the church school out. I think recycling is important.

Deinse is going to the Motor City Casino today for a birthday party for one of her friends she worked with who just got laid off (come on lucky 7).

We also plan to get together with our friends Bob and Cheryl tonight. We have not seen them in long time.

Tomorrow will be fixing the leak under the kitchen sink and also fixing the bathroom fan, which does not want to turn on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday afternoon at....SHELLEY'S!

You all know Shelley! Shelley's Log Cabin Blog She invited me up to her place for lunch on Saturday. All I can say is WOW! You should see her beautiful new log home, in person. It's everything you dreamed it would be, and more. But, of course, I forgot my camera...sigh.

I had no trouble finding her place. As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted with Marvin's presence. He was lounging around, happy and content. Next I got to meet Greg. Ladies, he really is good looking. Shelley was gracious enough to make me some coffee and give me the grand tour. The pictures on the internet do NOT do it justice. She has a huge double closet in her bedroom. And, if you don't know anything about log cabins, closets are a luxury. She has great taste and everyting looks bright and happy...just like Shelley! You cannot imagine the size of the loft. Enormous! And those views!

Just after the tour, we had some lunch and got to know each other better. I felt so much at home, you'd think we knew each other forever. You have to get her Rigatoni recipe, she has it on her blog.

After lunch, Shelley took me to a couple of shops. I'm lucky to only get out of both places buying a candle. There were so many things that I wanted.

We got back to her place and I got ready to head back to my cabin. As I told Greg, I like to get to the woodshed before dark, because I don't know what lives there after dark...LOL Bill and my Mom were both excited to hear about my day with Shelley and Greg. We can't wait for them to come to our place. Maybe on my next set of weekends off toward the end of February.

Here are some pics from our place with all the snow.

The entrance to our peninsula. You can hardly see the garden bench beneath the snow.
Look at the drift near the shed. Pretty deep.

The drifts near the front porch are about 3 1/2 ft tall.

Snow on top of the little shed roof. That is my swing hanging from the buck pole.

These drifts are from the plow. With us being at the end of the road, there is no turnaround. They plow the snow onto our property. In return, they make us a really nice parking area. I won't complain.