Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend at home

Hello Everyone,

This weekend Denise and I are staying at home. This will be the first weekend home for me this year and after last weekend with the guys it will be nice to be at home. We certainly had a good time last weekend. I didn't take a lot of pics but here are some.

Looking out at our shanties from Tom's place. It was about a 5 minute walk out to the shanties.

A pic of the inside of my shanty. I take a lot of ribbing for how much stuff I have. What can I say I really like my eletronics.

Here is view out my shanty window. Sorry about the blurry image but its a plastic window. That is my friends Rick's shanty on the left and the colored things on the ice are some of our tip ups.

Here a few of the perch I caught. It was a tough fishing weekend. The only thing biting were the perch. Got enough for a nice meal for Denise and I. My friends were also generous enough to give me thier catch as well.

After a hard day of fishing it is back inside to eat well, watch the Superbowl (Good job Steelers) and play cards. This pic is of my Friends Jeff, Chris, Tom and Craig playing cards. As the eveing went on the game got louder. They were all having a good time. A little side note. Chris (the bald guy facing you) just got back from Iraq where he served at a field hospital. He is a trauma nurse. We are all glad he is back safely home to his wife and 4 kids.

So anyway back to this weekend.

I cleaned house the last two days and today I am going to start cleaning the basement. Denise has spent the last two days trying to undo my laundry opps. I washed the whites and did not realize there was a red sock in with them. All those whites are now pink. Should be interesting at the next fish camp with the guys.

I will also be going up to our cities recycling center to take up the glass, plastic, tin and cardboard. I take our newspapers up to the church, where they have a bin. By doing that it helps the church school out. I think recycling is important.

Deinse is going to the Motor City Casino today for a birthday party for one of her friends she worked with who just got laid off (come on lucky 7).

We also plan to get together with our friends Bob and Cheryl tonight. We have not seen them in long time.

Tomorrow will be fixing the leak under the kitchen sink and also fixing the bathroom fan, which does not want to turn on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Cedar ... said...

Sounds like for a weekend at home you have a list to accomplish. Those things always keep popping up in a home, don't they. I'm glad your buddy is home safely from Iraq,..

George said...

Don't feel bad about the laundry -- I think just about every guy has done that at least once! You have a busy weekend in store -- you'll have to go to the cabin so you can get some rest! Have a good weekend and get many things crossed off your list.

Powell River Books said...

I've never been ice fishing. Looks like a shanty makes it a little less cold out on the lake. Our lake doesn't freeze, but we still can't fish. It is closed from October until March. We can wait knowing the stock needs the time to replenish.

A big hi to you and Denise from up the lake. Don't work too hard at home. - Margy

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hello Bill and Denise, Bill--remember that "Real Men wear PINK." ha ha... Sounds like you had a great 'boys weekend' --doing some ice fishing. I love seeing all of that since I've never ever seen anything like it. The lakes around here never get THAT frozen. That little 'house' that you put up out there on the ice is so cute!!!!

Sounds like you both have a long list of things to do this weekend. Good Luck!!! I'm going to work hard SITTING on my DECK enjoying the sunshine. It's 58 degrees here today. Yeah-Rah!!!