Thursday, July 30, 2009

4th of July, party at Trout Lake

The flower arrangement that my Mom made from flowers in her yard.

From the paddle boat parade.

Our neighbor girls from the paddle boat parade. Their theme: All American Christmas. This years theme had to start with the letter A.

Our neighbors enjoying the paddle boat parade.

A is for Amish and our wild and crazy neighbors across the lake. They were the winners!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kaiser's favorite places to nap

Well our little man is getting big. We went for his first vet visit today. He is 16.9 lbs. He was 9.13 lbs when we got him. He is into everything! He did really well at the vet, he never cried or even flinched when he got his shots. Dr. Dan says he is doing fine.
Here are some pics.
Nothing better than lying in the big boy bed at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed at the cabin.

We went back checked on him later and all that was left were a couple of legs, oh my!

Of course taking a nap in a chair outside in the cool north air is unbeatable.

And nothing is better than a nap after you been "Lei-ed". ( I know, typical man).

Of course sleeping on Mom and Dad's down comforter is the best. Shh!! Don't tell anyone I'm up here.

And just so you don't think that all he does is sleep. Here is pic of him doing his favorite thing, attacking Cleo.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Hope everyone had good 4th. Talk to you all soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fishing weekend, Kaiser and 4th of July

Well Denise is on vacation at the cabin. She has the hounds with her. I will be joining her for the weekend right after work on Friday.

Last weekend I was at my friends Tom's house fishing with the guys. On Saturday I had the best day ever fishing. I caught 4 northern pikes and one 18 inch largemouth. I kept two of the pike and we cleaned them up for Grandma. She always complains that I catch pike but never bring her any fillets. Well Grandma the pike is on the way.

The two keepers for Grandma

The biggest Bass I have ever caught.

So we all know fisherman lie, but I have to tell you about the one that got away. I had the largest pike I have ever seen much less fight, all the way to the boat when the leader broke and he swam away. Had we landed this fish it would have definitely gone on the wall. We guessed it was 45 to 50 inches long. It bent my 8 foot heavy rod in two. It put up a great fight.

The difference between catching a fish of a lifetime and just being able to tell the story about the one that got away.

Kaiser is doing just great. He is everywhere and him and Cleo have bonded. He follows her everywhere. When she gets tried of him she lets him know. Here are so pics of our boy.

Chewing on his canvas dummy that I put pheasant scent on.

Running away with the bird. I think it is bigger than he is.

We will be at the cabin to celebrate our Great Countries 233rd birthday. I am thankful everyday that I live in the USA.

Please take time to remember all of our men and women in uniform and all those who have given their lives in service to our country. Without them we would not enjoy the freedoms that we do.

Denise and I wish everyone a very Happy and Safe 4th of July.