Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kaiser's favorite places to nap

Well our little man is getting big. We went for his first vet visit today. He is 16.9 lbs. He was 9.13 lbs when we got him. He is into everything! He did really well at the vet, he never cried or even flinched when he got his shots. Dr. Dan says he is doing fine.
Here are some pics.
Nothing better than lying in the big boy bed at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed at the cabin.

We went back checked on him later and all that was left were a couple of legs, oh my!

Of course taking a nap in a chair outside in the cool north air is unbeatable.

And nothing is better than a nap after you been "Lei-ed". ( I know, typical man).

Of course sleeping on Mom and Dad's down comforter is the best. Shh!! Don't tell anyone I'm up here.

And just so you don't think that all he does is sleep. Here is pic of him doing his favorite thing, attacking Cleo.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Hope everyone had good 4th. Talk to you all soon.


Jen said...

Ha! I was just wonder if napping was all he did? He sure has grown; and is a really good looking pup!

Cedar said...

He's a handsome boy!

Bill said...

Thanks for stopping by Jen and Cedar.

Shelley said...

I can't believe how big Kaiser is getting! Very handsome! Please tell Kaiser that Scout said he is welcome anytime to come visit us at the cabin - just let us know when you're up!

Powell River Books said...

And I thought my cat won the sleeping contest. Hope your are getting time to enjoy the cabin. We've been up the lake for the whole month of July, no TV, no Internet, just bliss. Now it is back to town for a bit to get caught up (and wishing I was back up the lake). - Margy