Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cabin Gardening

Oh how my knees ache! Spent all day cleaning up the gardens at the cabin


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday everone!
Just back from a weekend at the cabin. We did a lot of work this weekend. I finished closing up the kitchen cabinet from my plumbing job earlier in the winter, this made Dee very happy since it will keep the bat from visiting. I keep trying to tell her that he doesn't eat much. She does not believe it.
Dee worked somemore on her garden out side our bedroom, it is realy coming along. We will add pics later.
I put a new out door spigot in on the front of the cabin.
We also bought a St. Fancis statue for my Memorial garden for my Mom.
Below are some pics of some of our birds and a awesome sunset Please enjoy.

Nesting pair of Mallard Ducks

This female Downy had taken up residence in one of our bird houses. She since has been replaced by barn swallows who are currently busy building their nest. Sorry no pics of them yet.

Here is a pic of my Mom's Memorial garden with St. Francis.
St. Fancis was my Mom's favorite Saint.

A close up of St. Fancis the Patron Saint of Animals.

We finish with this absolutely awesome sunset on Saturday. It was just a great weekend at the cabin with Dee and the hounds.