Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1952 General Electric 'Speed Cooking' 40" range

***Edited to add that I believe that I have dated the range with the help of the GE website***

Bill and I were shopping in Houghton Lake. I always stop in the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store to hunt for antique light fixtures. For cabin lighting, the uglier, the better!

Well, on our way in... I spotted this beautiful 1950's General Electric range. We asked the man that runs the store if it worked. He said that he briefly tested it and all 4 burners and both ovens work! He is not sure if they work well, but they do work. This will be a great addition to our cabin, once we have it cleaned up in the spring. Bill does need to replace the old 220 plug with a newer one and he will check the rest of the wiring. It will have to sit in our garage downstate, until I can give it a good cleaning in the spring.

We don't know the exact year, I've googled it, but can't find any info on this model. If you know anyone who may be able to identify the year, let us know.

GE model #J466A1WH
Serial #HAK68228

Here are some of the feature's:
'Push-button' burners, one large burner, 3 regular burners
2 ovens, one is 1/3, the other is 2/3
both original broiler pans!
1 oven window
oven lights
flourescent cook-top light
2 oven timers
individual oven controls

Here are some pics in our garage

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hunting Weekend?

Dee and I were going to the cabin for the weekend. She got there before I did. On her way up, she stopped and saw the movie New Moon.
I was going up to go hunting. Before I even got out of Wyandotte, Dee called me to let me know we had a water leak at the cabin. I turned around and got my tools, which I usually bring up with me but had decided not to because I was hunting.
When I got to the cabin, it was late and I was not going to work on the plumbing at 10 pm. I told Dee I would work on it after the moring hunt.

Saturday morning I got up and drove up to my hunting spot. As I walked in, I kicked up a deer, never saw it because it was 'O dark early'. I got set up and sat. I didn't see anything all morning. Here are some pics of the area that I hunt.

After the morning hunt, I headed back to the cabin for lunch. Dee made homemade French Dip, it was awesome. After lunch I started working on the plumbing leak. I crawled into the attic and started the repair work. When I thought I had it fixed, we charged the system and it was still leaking. I told Dee I would look at it again after the evening hunt. So I head back out. Still saw nothing, but here are some pics of the sunset.

On the way out of the woods, Dee called me and told me she was sick and throwing up. So off to Wally world to get some medicine and gatorade for her. Got to the cabin and Dee was in bed with the hounds. I gave her some meds and cooked a frozen pizza for myself for dinner. I would work on the plumbing in the morning after the hunt.

I woke up in the AM and it was so foggy I could not see the lake from the cabin. No sense in going hunting, can't see anything. Once Dee got up I went to work on the plumbing. Below are pics from the attic. (Note those fabulous full log beams!)

The area in the attic I was working.

At some point someone had crimped this pipe over instead of capping it. This is not where the leak was however.

Moving along with the repair.

The leak was at the T connection on the left, which was bent to accomodate earlier plumbing.

The job is done...or so I thought. After three attempts it was still leaking. By this time it was late in the afternoon. So I did no hunting on Sunday. We are now pricing out PEX pipe for the cabin. PEX is supposed to be able to handle 6X the amount of water or ice pressure without rupturing...we'll see.

Wouldn't be a post without a pic of the hounds. Kaiser and Cleo enjoying lying on the our bed.

Not the best weekend but it was still great to be at the cabin with Dee and the hounds.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

4 seasons at the cabin

As many of you know I have taken a series of pics of the cabin from across the lake. I would like to share them with you.

The birch trees are just starting to bud.

Trees are green, the weather is warm and the lake is refreshing.

The colors are awesome, the birds are migrating and winter is not far off.

The trees are bare, snow on the ground and 18 inches of ice on the lake.

We hope you enjoy the 4 seasons as much as we do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost Twin Lakes Pathway

Here are a couple of pics from Lost Twin Lakes Pathway. This is just off the ORV/Snowmobile trails between our cabin and Houghton Lake.

Bill, Cleo and Kaiser after our 3 mile walk.

This was an odd tree. It had one branch that grew to the ground and re-rooted and grew back up.

Here is baby-dog Kaiser. Even though he is on a leash, he is also wearing a cow bell, just in case...

Cleo and Kaiser near a downed tree. Cleo is wearing an orange vest for her safety...it is bird season.

Here is Bill climbing up a the roots of a downed tree! This section of the forest appears to have had straight line winds at one time. Bill had to climb down into a ravine for me to get this pic. Cool, huh?

Monday, October 5, 2009

A dogs life at the Cabin

As we all know a dogs life is very rough, especially at our cabin. Here are some pics of the rough life our hounds lead.

They don't always see eye to eye but as long as they can come to a compromise everyone is good.

When necessary they can tolerate each other, especially when its chilly in the cabin.

Sleepin' with Mom is the best.

Of course lying outside is very relaxing.

Standing next to each other if we have to for the pic.

Kaiser really enjoys the dog bed Mom bought for him. We keep it in her car and he just hops right up there if the hatch is left open.

Basking in the sun is awesome.

Running around the cabin with the swim noodle is a lot of fun. It is too funny because as he runs the noodle is hitting the trees, so all you hear is THUD, THUD, THUD.
So as you can see our dogs are spoiled and love to be at the cabin.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful September weekend

Bill and I got to spend time at the cabin TOGETHER this weekend. Can you believe it? ...and, what a beautiful weekend!!! Here are some pics...

Twins sleeping on the couch. Actually, Kaiser has to be wrapped around your head. Here he is with Daddy. Kaiser ran out in the street a few days earlier, downstate, and got hit by a car. He is fine, just a little sore.

Beautiful early fall morning sky. I took this in our 'backyard'.

Kaiser going after as stick in the lake. He is curious about the water, but still a little suspicious about it. Plus, he didn't like his manly parts touching the cold water. It was a hoot!

Beautiful sunny day. Hardly a breeze and 70 degrees makes for a really nice day.

This was a surprise gift from Bill to me. OK, you may think this is silly, but trudging through the snow to get firewood in the middle of the night, isn't any fun! This will hold me for a couple of days. I just need Bill to get me 'Sven, the lumberjack' and winter will be perfect...LOL

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last week at the cabin

Well I've been back to work since Monday. We had a really good time at the cabin. Took my nephews fishing. On Tuesday we went to Houghton Lake and on Wednesday we went to Long Lake.
It was very windy on Houghton Lake and we had a some trouble anchoring. Did not catch much. We had a turkey dinner at my mother in laws after we came off the lake. It was a nice way to end a good day fishing.
Funny thing happened on Wednesday. I orignially was going to take the boys to Grass Lake. there is no public access and after looking at the lake we would have been catching nothing but weeds. So we ended up at Long Lake. Got the boat in the water, I parked the truck and Sean said "Uncle Bill the boat is filling up with water". OH S***, I forgot to put the plug in. Thank God for my little bilge pump. So we fished and again we really didn't catch much. So after we were done I was backing the trailer into the launch when I broke one of the tail lights off the trailer. So we got the boat on the trailer and headed back over to my Mother in Laws for turkey left overs.
Well I hope the boys had fun even if I am a terrible fishing guide. I know I had fun.

Here is some of the fish we did catch.

Here is Sean checking out the babes, oh I mean the birds. Well it starts with a B.

The guys sitting around the camp fire.

Denise had here Mom but this fountain. I hope Denise has paid her Mom. I don't need a upset Mother in Law

Denise has her Red Headed Woodpeckers, well these our mine. The Pilated Woodpecker they are just awesome.

And here is the summer pic of the cabin from across the lake.

Take care everyone.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm on vacation!!! I'm on Vacation!!!

Well I am on vacation this week. Spent the weekend with family. My sister and her family came up from Houston. Linda flew up and Kevin and the kids drove. Linda flew because she could only be here for the weekend. They all came into town for our family reunion on Saturday. We had alow turn out because of the wonderful weather we had. It rained all day long, but we still managed to have good time. Here are a couple of pics of the reunion.

Here are 4 of my Dad's sisters. Aunts Helen, Dorothy, Mary Jane and Francis.

Here is our clan. Sean, Jimmy, Debbie, Denise, Kate and Sara.

My Cousin Frank's little one was having a great time playing in the rain.

Here is a pic of all of our nieces and nephews. It is a very occasion that we are all together in the same place at the same time.

From L to R; Sean, Kate, Sara, Jimmy, Michelle, Shandra and of course Our Cleo had to be in the picture as well.

Linda has already arrived back home and Kevin and the girls are driving back home tomorrow. Sean is staying a few exrta days. So we are taking him and Jimmy up to the cabin for a few days of fishing. I am really looking forward to it. The truck is packed and we are just waiting for the morning to come. It is going to be a very nice time.

We will talk to everyone when we get back next week. I leave you with a couple of pics of our angel dog Kaiser.

Kiaser eating his first ice cream treat from Stroh's.

"I am so innocent, I don't know anything about that trash basket being tipped over Dad".