Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last week at the cabin

Well I've been back to work since Monday. We had a really good time at the cabin. Took my nephews fishing. On Tuesday we went to Houghton Lake and on Wednesday we went to Long Lake.
It was very windy on Houghton Lake and we had a some trouble anchoring. Did not catch much. We had a turkey dinner at my mother in laws after we came off the lake. It was a nice way to end a good day fishing.
Funny thing happened on Wednesday. I orignially was going to take the boys to Grass Lake. there is no public access and after looking at the lake we would have been catching nothing but weeds. So we ended up at Long Lake. Got the boat in the water, I parked the truck and Sean said "Uncle Bill the boat is filling up with water". OH S***, I forgot to put the plug in. Thank God for my little bilge pump. So we fished and again we really didn't catch much. So after we were done I was backing the trailer into the launch when I broke one of the tail lights off the trailer. So we got the boat on the trailer and headed back over to my Mother in Laws for turkey left overs.
Well I hope the boys had fun even if I am a terrible fishing guide. I know I had fun.

Here is some of the fish we did catch.

Here is Sean checking out the babes, oh I mean the birds. Well it starts with a B.

The guys sitting around the camp fire.

Denise had here Mom but this fountain. I hope Denise has paid her Mom. I don't need a upset Mother in Law

Denise has her Red Headed Woodpeckers, well these our mine. The Pilated Woodpecker they are just awesome.

And here is the summer pic of the cabin from across the lake.

Take care everyone.


Shelley said...

Wonderful photos! That's quite a fire pit you've built there! Love Denise's birdbath too!
When is Kaiser's next weigh in? Scout goes back to the vet for the last of her shots at the end of this month. I think she's gained a couple more pounds this week - so maybe she's 22 or 23 lbs now. I noticed she's downing more food!

glovin said...

Wonderful photos! That's quite a fire pit you've built there! Love Denise's birdbath too!

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Bill said...

Hi Shelley, Wish I could take credit for the fire pit but it was there when we bought the cabin.

Kaiser weighs 26.8 lbs as of last Tuesday. He is do back in a couple of weeks to finish up with shots.

Thanks for your comments and stopping in Glovin.

gunn said...

Love the photo, What? Number two of the set?

Dian said...

I believe there are 4 photos altogether, Denise or Bill should post all four for everyone to see.
The Mother-in-Law

Dian said...

I think there are a series of 4 photos of the cabin, maybe Denise or Bill will publish all 4 together, so you can see all 4 seasons. The Mother-in-law