Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hunting Weekend?

Dee and I were going to the cabin for the weekend. She got there before I did. On her way up, she stopped and saw the movie New Moon.
I was going up to go hunting. Before I even got out of Wyandotte, Dee called me to let me know we had a water leak at the cabin. I turned around and got my tools, which I usually bring up with me but had decided not to because I was hunting.
When I got to the cabin, it was late and I was not going to work on the plumbing at 10 pm. I told Dee I would work on it after the moring hunt.

Saturday morning I got up and drove up to my hunting spot. As I walked in, I kicked up a deer, never saw it because it was 'O dark early'. I got set up and sat. I didn't see anything all morning. Here are some pics of the area that I hunt.

After the morning hunt, I headed back to the cabin for lunch. Dee made homemade French Dip, it was awesome. After lunch I started working on the plumbing leak. I crawled into the attic and started the repair work. When I thought I had it fixed, we charged the system and it was still leaking. I told Dee I would look at it again after the evening hunt. So I head back out. Still saw nothing, but here are some pics of the sunset.

On the way out of the woods, Dee called me and told me she was sick and throwing up. So off to Wally world to get some medicine and gatorade for her. Got to the cabin and Dee was in bed with the hounds. I gave her some meds and cooked a frozen pizza for myself for dinner. I would work on the plumbing in the morning after the hunt.

I woke up in the AM and it was so foggy I could not see the lake from the cabin. No sense in going hunting, can't see anything. Once Dee got up I went to work on the plumbing. Below are pics from the attic. (Note those fabulous full log beams!)

The area in the attic I was working.

At some point someone had crimped this pipe over instead of capping it. This is not where the leak was however.

Moving along with the repair.

The leak was at the T connection on the left, which was bent to accomodate earlier plumbing.

The job is done...or so I thought. After three attempts it was still leaking. By this time it was late in the afternoon. So I did no hunting on Sunday. We are now pricing out PEX pipe for the cabin. PEX is supposed to be able to handle 6X the amount of water or ice pressure without rupturing...we'll see.

Wouldn't be a post without a pic of the hounds. Kaiser and Cleo enjoying lying on the our bed.

Not the best weekend but it was still great to be at the cabin with Dee and the hounds.

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