Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish Video

Good evening everyone,

Of the fishing equipment I have my favorite is my Aquaview camera. It gives a view of what the fish are looking at. Some considerate it cheating but just because you can see
the fish does not mean you are going to catch them. Having the camera can be very frustrating because you can see the fish but cannot get them to bite. I thought I would share some video of some pike that I was able to video.

These videos are courtesy of my lovely wife Denise who bought me the DVR for my Aquaview so that I could record these fish. I hope you enjoy these videos.

Right after this Northern Pike went off camera my friend Tom caught him. He was a 28 inch fish. We threw him back. It was a lot of fun catching him and seeing him on camera before he was caught.

This is just long video of a pike. We did everything we could to get him in then boat but he did not want to cooperate. He will be there another time.

Hope you enjoy these.

Take care,



Jessica said...

I didn't know that you could buy a camera like that. I should have known. My husband just bought a little video camera that you mount on the front of snowmobiles, dune buggies, Jeeps, race cars, etc. He's up north this weekend snowmobiling and I'm sure he has it mounted on his snowmobile. I'm sure I'll see the video when he gets home.

Cedar ... said...

That's fascinating. I've fished all my life and it's fun to see their view of the world. I wonder if the second one is the same fish as the first one that you caught. Maybe he is just saying been there, done that and you won't catch me again! Nice videos!

Bill said...

Jessica thanks for stopping by. Yes they do make these cameras. One of the cool things about the camera is that the actual camera housing looks like a fish. There have been many times when the pike and other fish come right up to the camera and bump it. There have been reports that pike have actually tried to eat the camera. Apparently it a little hard to eat. Just another one of my "gadgets", as my wife calls them. Would love to see the video your husband brings home.

Cedar the camera really lets you into the fishes environment with out getting wet. Don't know if was the same pike but we'll catch him someday. They are smart fish and you have to come up with new techniques to fool them.


Jen said...

This is really awesome!
and your wife is way cool to have gotten you the DVR.
So what's for dinner since you thru the pike back?

Shelley said...

Greg now wants one of these! Very neat!! I would love to see what's lurking beneath the waters at our lake.....

gunn said...