Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going to the cabin

Well I am going to the cabin on Friday after work. Denise is already there and she has to come home on Saturday. I have a short son in law list to take care of for my wonderful Mother in law ( yes I have t say that she reads the blog).

Anyway Denise is excited because the tree swallows have nested in the one of our nest boxes. This will be the 3rd year in a row they have used this box. Her redheaded woodpeckers are also back and she is hoping they nest in the one snag on the property. We'll see.

Had an unusual thing happen at work today. We noticed a pigeon standing on the hood of one of our ambulances and next to her was an egg. We felt bad but we had to shoe her away. Our marketing manager took the egg home and she is going to try to put it under a heat lamp and see if the egg will hatch. There was no nest anywhere around. Again we felt bad but we needed the ambulance. Below I posted a pic of the pigeon.

Well we hope everyone has a great weekend and to all you moms HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!



Willoughby said...

It's interesting that the pigeon didn't lay her egg in a nest. I hope the baby survives!

Jen said...

Oh my, the Pigeon and egg is sorta funny and sad at the same time. I guess she just couldn't wait.
Have fun at the cabin.

Powell River Books said...

How amazing! Sad for the "mom" pigeon, but an understandable resolution. Have a good time up at the cabin, and hi to Denise. - Margy