Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well Hello Everyone,

We just do not seem to have enough time in our days right now to blog. I did break away last weekend to go fishing with the boys. Only caught a 24 inch cat fish. The weather would not cooperate. The winds were 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 40mph. It made it very hard ot anchor. It was still nice to get away.

I have been working a lot of hours 10-14 hours a day. So it does not leave a lot of time for anything else. Denise is at the cabin as I type this. Her Mom and Grandma are back from Florida. So Denise has been helping them settle back in. She will be home on Friday and I am thinking about going up to the cabin after work which could mean we will pass each other on the freeway. My trip will depend on work.

We are also trying to by a rental property. We will keep you all updated on all the happenings as they come about and time allows.

Take care


Cedar ... said...

Nice to hear from you... keep us posted!

Debbie said...

I miss your frequent posts but certainly understand the frenetic pace of life...hope it is not keeping you from your lovely cabin.

Shelley said...

Glad to hear what's going on with you two! Tell Denise and the crew hello!!