Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our New Addition

We have a new addition to our family. We have brought a new puppy home. He is about 6 weeks old and oh so cute. His name is Kaiser, he is a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). Below are some pics.

I won't be able to hold him like this for long.

Kaiser and his brother and sisters.

He looks harmless, except for those sharp teeth and claws.

I had more pics but somehow I lost them somewhere in the computer.

Denise is at the cabin with the hounds. Kaisers first trip up there. The girls next door have been coming over everyday to play with Kaiser. By the time they leave he collapses and sleeps all night.

Our other GSP Cleo doesn't quite know what to do with this new puppy. We are confident that she will get used to him and they will be running together in no time.

We were talking about what to name him and I thought we should find a German name. Denise found a website that had German pet names. As we went down the list Kaiser stuck out because it means Caesar, which was our first GSP's name.

Anyway if I find the lost pics I will post them.

Take care



Jen said...

AH! congrats. Have fun. My blog friend Michele just got one too!!!
She's also a log home dweller.
Hope you find your pictures, we want to see more. :)

Shelley said...

Congrats on your new puppy!!! Looks like puppy fever is spreading! We pick up our new pup at the end of this month - Bernese Mountain Dog. Hope all of our dogs can meet this summer! Please tell Denise and her mom hello!

Cedar ... said...

Love that face!

Bill said...

Thanks Jen, looks like everyone is getting new puppies

Shelly, Good luck with your new puppy. Bernese Moutain Dogs are a very good breed of dog.

Thanks for stopping by Cedar. He face is something else, except for those little teeth.

Dian said...

I can attest to how cute the new puppy is, after all, I am his Granny...Dian