Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pics from the cabin

We have been at the cabin the last three weekends which is very unusual for me. I only get up there about once a month. We have been spending time with Denise's family.
I thought I would share some pics we have taken at the cabin over the last three weekends.

Here is Uncle Don helping his grandson Nathan fish off our dock with a Sponge Bob fishing pole.

Nate caught quite a few nice blue gills. Nice Fish Nate!!!!

Denise and her Mom brought some garden art at a crafts fair in Houghton Lake.

This is Denise's skating bird.

This is Mom's garden monster.

These garden art statues are made from scrap metal parts. Nice way to recycle.

While visting at Uncle Don's Nate got tired of fishing, so Don took over the Sponge Bob pole and landed this nice bass. Don out fished us all with that pole. I think I need to put one in my arsenal.

A pic of a flying squirrel enjoying some sunflower seeds.

Cleo's two nemisis the black squirrel and the chipmunk. Nose prints all over the front window when these characters show up.

A male Pileated Woodpecker, one of my favorite birds visits the suet tree.

Denise's Red Headed Woodpecker visits us often.

I was out back of the cabin when I heard the call of the loon. I first I thought it was Denise, (get it loon, Denise) just kidding honey!! I love you!!! Anyway the Loon came into do some fishing.

A pic of the looking down our front shore line. Please notice the woodduck house I just put in. This is the one we won at Kirtland's Warbler festival.Add Image

A close up of the Wood Duck house. It it hard to see but that is very noisy Red Winged Blackbird on top of the house.

And finally the spring pic of the our piece of heaven framed by our favorite snag and trees.

Take care everyone.


Willoughby said...

Beautiful pictures! We used to spend every weekend in Gladwin until my parents sold the family cottage. I miss it!

Cedar ... said...

That last picture says it all.... peaceful. Nice shot!

Shelley said...

Everything looks so beautiful! loved the garden art that Denise and her mom got!
Hope we can hook up with you guys soon!!

Jeff said...


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