Monday, April 12, 2010

New Door

Hello Everyone!!!!
We brought a solid 6-panel door at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store in Houghton Lake. It has become our favorite place to shop. We have also donated several items to them. The door cost us $20.00.
We bought it to replace the hollow core door that was hung between the main cabin and the utility room. This door never really fit in with the cabin.

I had to cut 2 inches off each side of the door to fit into 32 inch opening. I also use the old door as a template for the hardware. I than took the door home, cut out for the hardware and sanded the door.

Here I am cleaning up the hinge mortises before we stain the door.

Dee took some molding to the hardware store to try to match the stain. They told her to use shellac. This was difinately the right choice. Here I am staining the door. Dee helped but she didn't want her picture taken, besides someone has to take the pictures.

Here the door is almost done. It started to rain so we had to move inside to finish the last coat.

Here is the finished product. It looks like its been there since the cabin was built. A great way to spend twenty dollars.

Take care everyone.


Debbie said...

The door looks amazing...the color match is perfect! I love it when you get a bargain, recycle something and achieve a perfect finish. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the door and never really thought about HH reuse as a resource.

Regards, Ric

Bill said...

Thanks Debbie, we are very happy it turned out the way it did.

Thanks Ric thanks for stopping in.

Powell River Books said...

What a beautiful addition to your cabin. We have a Re-store in Bellingham. I'm going to have to check it out. Unfortunately, it isn't handy to take things across the border to our cabin. - Margy

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks great. Wonderful job.

Bill said...

Margy, it always seems like Dee can find something for the cabin at the Re-Store. To bad you have to deal the border.

Thanks Jordan.

WooleyBugger said...

Wow! That looks fantastic. Great frugalality and job.