Sunday, April 4, 2010

New planting bed with bird feeder

This weekend Bill and I created this new planting bed in an area that, at one time, housed a propane pig. Today, it isn't legal to put anything greater than 100lb. tanks next to a house. This area has been an eyesore for me. So, we have created a planting bed with a bird feeder. I'll be able to see the bird feeder from bed when I wake up. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I can't believe that it only took Bill and I about 10 minutes to clean this area out! He did all the hard work - moving the stones out of the area, then back in. I raked and he used a flat shovel to get rid of the grass. The ground was so soft in this area, it just took a couple of minutes!

I can't wait for real spring weather so that I can start putting plants in this bed. Here are some before and after pics.
This is a before shot. The windows on the left go to the utility room. The windows on the right go to the bedroom.

After, facing the bedroom.

After with all the debris removed and the rocks put into place. We were careful about not interfering with the gas line to the furnace and the electrical to the shed. I'll also be careful about putting short rooted plants in those areas. Any recomendations for plants in this area? It gets morning sun only, so probably along the lines of hosta and heuchera and other shade lovers.

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Cedar ... said...

That will look wonderful! Show us again after you have the plants in place, ok?