Thursday, August 26, 2010

Outdoor shower

So Dee and I were talking one day and I said wouldn't it be cool to have an outdoor shower. Dee thought it was a great idea. It was from there I knew I was in trouble. So she started researching and ordering pieces and parts.

As far as the plumbing for this project it was easy. Earlier in the year I had completely re-plumbed the entire cabin with PEX pipe. If you have never used PEX don't be afraid, it is so easy to use. I tapped into the run of pipe I installed for hot and cold water outdoor faucets.

Here is the pipes coming down from the ceiling. I had to switch them around so that the hot water would be on the correct side outside. I just pulled the PEX back up into the attic and pushed them back down through the opposite holes. This pic is before I switched them.

Bottom half of the pipes leading to the outdoor faucets.

The run come from the manifolds in the attic to the faucets.

This pic is of the T I put in to go to the shower faucet.

The pipes coming outside. Also the teak floor we put in. Dee found the floor on the internet. The squares snap together, it was easy to put together.

The finished product.

Looking forward to showering in the great outdoors.

The shower parts were ordered from Signature Hardware. A simple 36" circular shower rod with center support. It requires 2 shower curtains which I simply close with clothes pins when it is windy. The shower floor is teak 12"X12" ordered from


Shelley said...

It looks wonderful! Wish I could get my hubby to build one of these!

Powell River Books said...

There is something decadent about taking a shower outdoors. We once had a cabana in the Bahamas that had one in an enclosed courtyard. It was such a wonderful feel to shower while looking up to the sky above. I know you are both going to love this addition to your cabin. - Margy