Monday, September 27, 2010

Kayaking the Au Sable

Dee and I decided to kayak down the Au Sable River. We have canoed the river several times. We always enjoy driving through Michigan to look at the fall colors. We thought this would be a unique way to view the colors. Although it will be a couple of more weeks before the colors are at peak we had a great time. If you get the chance to go down the Au Sable please do so you won't be sorry. Along the way we saw a bunch of great cabins. We also saw a small variety of wildlife including a weasel, ducks, a blue heron and to top it off a bald eagle perched high atop a pine tree.

So we invite you along on our trip. Enjoy!!!

We used Campbells Canoe Livery in Roscommon. The folks are that own the livery are very nice and accommodating. I would recommend them.
The weather was mostly cloudy and in the 50's with a pretty stiff wind at times. The trip was about 4 hours long By the time we were done we were cold to the bone. We went into town and had lunch at Fred's bowling alley and restaurant. We had a great lunch, warmed up and then headed back to the cabin.
I am now thinking of a winter trip down the river. I better dress warm.


timeinabottle said...

Loved the pictures of the lake. Reminds me of where I grew up.

Veggie Jess said...

Gorgeous! Thanks fore sharing.

Rob said...

Denise and Bill...where are you? I miss your posts and pictures of the cabin. I hope everything is OK and you are just waiting for better weather. This is one of my favorite blogs to visit. I miss ya