Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hello to everyone, It has been a very long time since we posted anything. We have not spent a whole lot of time at the cabin over the winter. With work and the economy the way it has been and continues to be, we chose not to travel the three hours up north to enjoy our pleasant penisula as often as we have in the past.

This last week Dee's Mom and Grandma returned with the rest of the migrating snowbirds to their home in Houghton Lake. Dee went up on Wednesday to see them and I came up after work on Friday.

There is definately something awesome about being at the cabin in the spring. With everything coming back to life. As always we enjoy watching ours birds. Below are some pics of spring around the cabin.

Last fall Dee and I planted Ice Follies Daffodils. When she arrived they had come up and bloomed. We were not sure if they would because in the past the squirrels have dug up the bulbs for lunch.

A Northern Flicker rooting around for some buggy snacks. He was tossing dirt all over the place looking.

A male Rose Breasted Grosbeak and Male Northern Cardinal.

A male Grosbeck giving a little love to a feamle Grosbeck while another, jealous male looks on.

A female Cardinal eating suet that had fallen to the ground.

I made this Oriole feeder for Dee last year. I put this out this morning and within 30 minutes the Northern Orioles showed up and enjoyed the grape jelly.

There were several other birds that visited over the last few days that I was unable to get pics of. They included an Osprey, a male Mallard Duck, Canadian Geese, American Goldfinches, Pilated Woodpecker.

We also have our Tree Swallows nesting again. They are very busy building their nest.

Her Royal Highness Cleopatera basking in the warm spring sun looking over her domain.

We also went Morel Mushroom hunting which I will talk about in future post.

We plan on posting on a more frequent basis.

Take care,



Dian said...

One of you oreols came to visit my house today.

Rob said...

Glad to see you made it back to the cabin. I was beginning to worry about ya!

gunn said...

Wonderful to read that you've returned ! Looking forward to reading about your morel hunt . We have hunted several spring times and have been skunked every time. While a friend come home with a ton . Drat , hate it when that happens .
Spring is a magical time of the year !

Tracy said...

Glad to see you here. Found your blog a while back. Your cabin looks so inviting!

Unknown said...

Your cabin looks amazing, you are definately living my dream! Please visit my blog Thanks for a great post!