Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Re doing the swim dock

I volunteered to re-due the small community swim dock on our lake. It took two weekends to do and I think it came out pretty good. I used Rust Oluem Restore Paint. It worked great and I would recommend it for any projects like this you may have.

As you can see the carpet was in pretty bad shape.

I was fortunate that the wood was in good shape and nothing needed to be replaced.

The first coat of paint going on. I was keeping an eye on the sky as I was hearing thunder in the distance. I called my wife, who was shopping in Houghton Lake, to ask her to check the radar (we have no signal or internet at the cabin). She told me that there was storm heading our way. Not the best news. 

I decided to finish the deck and leave the rest for later. I finished and was able to get all  my tools put away before it started raining.

I threw a tarp over the dock and waited for the rain to stop.

I tried three times to start painting again. Every time I took the tarp off it started raining again. So I decided to just keep the tarp on and finish the 1st coat of paint. I was done for the day.

The next day it rained until about 1pm and as soon as it stopped I sanded the ladder down with my Roto Zip and then painted it. 

This is the second coat drying.

The finished product.

Before we launched it I also replaced the anchor ropes with coated metal cable. It is ready for fun in the sun.

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