Wednesday, May 9, 2018

So decided to make floating dock out of an old pontoon boat. We are going to attach it to our existing fixed dock. Here are the steps we used;

We had the pontoon delivered to our cabin. Because of the way our cabin is situated at the end of our road they had a heck of a time getting it on to our property.

The existing plywood deck was in pretty bad shape and had to be taken off.
Here is the first piece coming off. The plywood was held down with self-tapping sheet metal screws.
Heres the last piece coming off. 
The bare-bones pontoon is ready to be moved down to the water. So with the help of our awesome neighbors, we got it moved.
Well, it floats, so that's a good start.
So we started by placing firing strips down. We used 10 2inch x 4inch x10foot boards. We secured in place with self-tapping sheet metal screws. We evenly spaced the boards across the structure.  

For the deck surface we used 2inch x 6inch x 8foot boards. We bought 40 boards and ended up being two boards short. Forgot to calculate the fact the boards are only 5 3/4 inch wide.
So here is the nearly finished project. Still the two boards short, but we ran out of time and it started to rain.

The plan is we attach it to the existing dock, put planters and chairs on it, a couple of rod holders for me and a dog ramp so our dock diving German Shorthair Pointer can get out of the water easier.

We will post more pics as the project continues. Hope you enjoy.

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