Monday, March 16, 2009

Magic Kingdom

There was a family that rode over on the boat with us. The Mom wrote in a sharpie marker on her sons arm: If found, please call -----------. It was really funny. He even liked his 'tattoo'. The Mom said she had lost him once.

Space Mountain. One of the kids working there asked if I was '29'...LOL I said that I had ridden Space Mountain the year it had opened. Well, that was 1974!

A topiary near Cinderella's Castle.

This is where they used to have 2000 Leagues Under the Sea, but they haven't had that attraction in a long time.

A holograph in the Haunted Mansion. Bill took this. I'm surprised it turned out in the dark! He has such great luck.

Cinderella's Castle from the boat to the Magic Kingdom.


Cedar ... said...

I've never been there Denise, thanks for the tour! I like the topiary worm!

Jen said...

Wonderful! I love all the magic there! I would go every year if I could, but the person that is usually with me won't. ha!
Glad you had a fun safe trip.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful photos, Denise, of Disney World. I've been there --but it was MANY years ago. They've changed it and improved it ALOT now. I need to go back sometime.

Powell River Books said...

Your story about he mom marking her son reminds me of a field trip from years ago. I taught first grade and we would take our kids to the zoo each year. On one trip we saw several nuns taking their students off a bus. They lined the kids up and attached each one to a long rope. One nun was at the front and another was at the end of the line. I am sure they didn't lose any kids on that trip! But I didn't lose any either, and I think mine had more fun. - Margy

Debbie said...

So glad you're back...looks like you had a wonderful time!

Denise said...

cedar - I just love the place!

Jen - I would go every year too.

Betsy - it's a great place to go on a sunny day.

Margy - that's funny!

Debbie - we had a ball!