Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brrrrrrr! New Years

Well, as Bill said, I got to the cabin just fine on no power. Not a big deal at the cabin, except the fire went out in the middle of the night. Brrrrr, down to 39.

When I got there, I got the fire started in the wood burner. Headed into Houghton Lake to get some lamp oil. Headed back to our place, where I stopped at Elbow Lake Bar, knowing they wouldn't have any power either. But, they have old propane lights and are able to cook with a generator. I had my choice of either a hamburger or chili. I opted for chili. The owner asked if we were going to be there for the New Year, I said yes. He said, bring a dish, we are having a party. He would be supplying the ham. So, I headed back to the cabin to come up with a couple of menu items...hoping that I would have power so that I can cook using the electric range, instead of the grill, which has about 12" of snow on it.

The power came on at approx. 1:30pm on Tuesday afternoon. I opened the fridge for the first time. We lost everything. Shucks. I had planned on making 'Bluegill cakes' for the New Year's party. We had a lot of bluegill in the freezer, that and melted ice cream make for a gagging good time cleaning out the fridge.

I ended up making Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts, a cold Crab Dip and Jalapeno Popper Dip for the party at Elbow Lake Bar. The party was a great time! Lots of great food and nice folks, we were stuffed.

I have to wait for Bill to come home to show pics from this week. He will be home on Sunday with our nephew Jimmy, they have been ice fishing. They have been using MY secret fishing spot! Hmmmmm, I'll have to get them back. In the mean time, here are some other pics.

Cabin mantle lit up with oil lamps.

Cleo, she's exhausted after opening gifts for Christmas.

This is what Bill made for me. It's a memory box for Brittany, my Standard Poodle, she passed away a couple of years ago. It has a couple of pics of her, her last collar, and her paw print. Bill usually makes me something for Christmas and my birthday. I'll share pics of those in future blogs.

Of course, I can't leave Bill out. This is him with a Journey CD that he wanted for Christmas.

This is an older picture. These are 2 of our nephews ice fishing at our place in one of Bill's shanty's. He has a couple of them. Jimmy is in the front, and Sean is in the back. Jimmy lives close by and comes up north quite a bit. Sean lives in Texas and doesn't get to come up as much. Sean LOVES fishing as much as his Uncle Bill.


Shelley said...

You definitely persevered w/ your power outage Denise! Glad you had a nice new years! Your mantle looks beautiful all lit up in your cabin!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

It's great to hear from you Denise. Glad you made it to the log cabin--but sorry you lost everything in your frig and freezer. The party must have been nice, though.

Your mantel is gorgeous!!!!

Hope the guys enjoy the Ice Fishing.


Shelley said...

I'm back! I just mapped out Harrison to our exit at Waters - which I-270, and it says the drive is 1 hour and 1 minute. I am definitely having you and your mom (of course bill too) over for a barbecue this spring! But hopefully I get to meet w/ you before then.

Denise said...

Shelley - it sure was cold waking up in the middle of the night at 39 degrees, inside!

Betsy - Thank goodness it wasn't a big loss. Just some fish, a pizza, some ice cream and ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.

Shelley - Yes, we have to get together and hopefully soon. Although Harrison is our address, we are actually near the ghost town of Meredith (an old logging community). Right off of M18, due south of Houghton Lake.

George said...

It sounds as if you were able to greet the New Year in style in spite of the problems caused by loss of power. Your cabin looks great by candle-light. I'm not sure I would enjoy ice fishing as much as you seem to.

Cedar ... said...

oh my, cleaning that frige must have been difficult. I had that happen once when I had a freezer in our basement. my son unplugged it,... just for a minute,.. to try out a power tool. Now you are ahead of me I know,.. yes, he forgot to plug it back in! So, maybe two weeks later there was an ominous odor in the basement. And yes, there had been fish and venison in that freezer,... what a stinky mess! You certainly have my sympathy for cleaning out your frige!

Dian said...

Denise, I used map quest from Meredith to the Waters Exit and it also showed 1 hr 1 minute, it brought you into Houghton Lake within 1/2 block of my house, you can pick me up, hope to see 'ya this spring, Shelly, Mom

Jen said...

We lost power when the hurricane came thru the Ohio Valley this summer-our frig got a cleaning too, but we were able to save all the 'game' in the freezer.
Bill sure is a sweetheart! What a nice gift for you to remember your Brittany. sniff.
Our grill is always on, so come on down anytime. lol

Denise said...

George - we had a great time at Elbow Lake Bar for New Years Eve.

Cedar - good thing the fridge hadn't gone on for days. Icky!

Mom - I'll pick you up. :)

Jen - thanks for the invite. We'll bring the dogs, hope you don't mind...LOL Just kidding.

Debbie said...

Denise, I am coveting your beautiful fireplace and mantle! We uncovered ours today to find years of squirrel nesting and wood rot behind the old paneling but we hope ours is up to your beautiful standards by next Christmas. Debbie

Don said...

beautiful photos and beautiful place! I love your neck of the woods. My folks live in Gladwin and my g'pa had a cabin at Houghton Lake from the 1940's-1970's and we spent some great summers there fishing, swimming and goofing off.

Your power outage wasn't fun, but it turned into a party!

Denise said...

Debbie, I'm feeling your pain with the squirrels, there are chipmunk party's in my attic during the winter.

Don - Yes, great party. But, it sure was cold for a while.

Laurie and Chris said...

No power and it still looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for visiting our blog and all the nice comments.
Happy New Year!!