Sunday, January 4, 2009

My favorite place to sit in summer.

Bill is home and took a few pics. He will blog tomorrow night (I hope).

This is my favorite spot to sit all spring and summer long. Ah, imagine...shorts, a good book with your barefeet feeling the warmth of the wood on the dock and the sun setting directly in front of you...and the glow of the dock tiki torches after dark.

We forgot to put the adirondack chairs away...oops.


George said...

Denise -- that looks like a great place to sit (without the snow, of course)!

Kim Priestap said...

Hey what a great picture. We used to have so much snow, but now our two feet has dwindled to about 4 inches. *sigh* I want my snow back!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Funny Denise... You are yearning for spring/summer and NO snow-----and I am yearning for winter and some snow.. Wanna swap homes????? ha

Cedar ... said...

On warm days in March, just shove off a place and enjoy the chair, but wear sunglasses, that sun will be bright! Isn't it true how we are always looking to another season,.. hot in summer, want it cooler, ... cold in winter, yearn for summer. I would love sitting on that dock!

Jen said...

I think that chair has my name on it, but you can't see it for all the snow. :D

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR SNOW!!! And your GSP Cleo is a CUTIE-PATOOTIE!!! We've had three, w/ our 4th being our "Belle", my Sis n' B-I-L have had 3 n' now "Buck", and on and on~~~ We will ALWAYS have shorthairs...can't imagine our lives WITHOUT them... best hunters AND "darlings" in the world, aren't they??? Thanks!

Denise said...

George - I like Bacardi and diet on the dock...LOL

Kim - uh-oh, I prefer snow over ice.

Betsy - It's a deal! You and George can have your place back in the spring! I'm cold straight to the bone.

Cedar - that's funny! There was one day last year that we had 60F and a lot of snow. We were going to take a pic of Bill ice fishing in shorts.

Jen - you got it! Come on up.

Linda - another GSP MOM, I love it. Yep, Cleo is a little doll.

Tami Weingartner said...

Oh my...what a lovely place to laze about.

Denise said...

Tami - thanks, too bad it's wintery cold and covered in snow...LOL