Saturday, January 10, 2009

A winter walk around the lake

When I was at the cabin last weekend I took a walk around the lake. It was a good way to check the ice. Here are some pics. Hope you enjoy.

A veiw of our snow covered cabin.

Could be a little cold sitting around the camp fire unless of course you really like sitting in the snow.

Looking south on the lake from the ice in front of our cabin.

As I was walking I came across a couple of downed trees. I thought at first that maybe the wind had knocked them over on the ice. After taking a closer look I realized the beavers have infact been busy.

A close up of the stumps and the wood shavings left behind. The Beavers were coming up from under the ice right at the shore line were it was basically slush as opposed to solid ice.

The beavers started working on this one, I am sure they will be back to finsh the job.
Looking north from the south end of the lake. This end of the lake has this marsh area were these pine trees have flourished. I believe this marsh may have been created by our beavers over the years.

Our neighbor has found a way to beat the beavers. He has wrapped all the trees on his property with aluminum.

I saw this snag and thought it would be a cool pic. Then I saw something blue in at top of the snag.

The blue thing I saw was this fishing lure that one of my neighbors lost over the summer.

A pic of our neighbor Ron ice fishing in his usual spot.

The dogs got chance to come play on the ice at the end of my walk.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.



Unknown said...

What beautiful pictures! They make me wish I was there...and I know my hubby would LOVE to be there as well. Thank you for sharing! ;-)

Laurie and Chris said...

Great pictures. You should join us for "snowy Sunday"

Cedar ... said...

Nice walk Bill, thanks for inviting me along. There was no way you could retreive that fishing lure? Your neighbor would have been surprised to have gotten that back. 5" of new snow here, I really should get the snowshoes out and go for a walk myself!

Janene said...

That is a wonderful place that you have! A little bit of Heaven on Earth I'd say!
I so enjoy coming by and looking at the beautiful pictures.
Thank you for sharing!

George said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk, Bill. The scenery is beautiful and the snow looks so crisp and clean. The beavers have been busy, haven't they?

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great pictures, Bill. Thanks for sharing!!! I love all of them since we haven't had a drop of snow down here.. Boo Hoo!!!! I especially liked the one looking toward the back of your cabin. NEAT!!!

Don said...

Nice walk, nice photos

It is always a good thing to get out into nature and see what you will see. Not many of us get to see trees felled by beaver teeth!

I need to get out more

Powell River Books said...

My husband Wayne has left lots of lures around the Hole in the Wall near our cabin while fishing. They are mostly Red and White Daredevils. In some places it has gotten so bad that the trees look like they have Christmas decorations (just kidding). Margy

Dian said...

You need to write more on the blog, I enjoyed it very much, good job...loved the pictures too.

Shelley said...

It is beautiful around your place! I admire the beaver's handiwork. Greg was looking at ice shantys yesterday at Jays in Gaylord. I think he has fish fever! Tell Denise I said hello and I expect you, her and her mom to come over for a barbecue this spring!

Jen said...

You need to enter a snow scene contest now. :D

my word verification code is prosper.
HA! Good luck!

Bill said...

Thank you everyone or your comments. I am glad that you all enjoyed the posts.

Pamela if your ever in Michigan and let us know.

Laura & Chris Love your Snowy Sunday

Cedar I could have taken the lure but I decided to leave it for some unknown reason.

Janene Thanks for stoppinig by.

George The beavers have been busy they have even tried to take trees from our property. We dod have a very nice community of beavers in our area.

Thanks Betsy We would be more than happy to send some snow your way. Ok everyone at the same time bloww really hard towards the south so Betsy can have some snow.

Dan we try to get out into nature a much as possible There is no other place I would rather be.

Margy sorry your hubby is losing his Deardevil lures and I have certainly lost a few myself. Please tell him to keep buying the Deardevils since they are made about 10 miles from our home here in Michigan.

Hey Mom don't yell at me now. I will try to blog more. Work has been nuts, lots of hours.

Shelly Looking forward to meeting you and Greg. We will definately have to get together. I love Jay's. Haven't been to the one in Gaylord but if it is the same as the Clare store it is great. If Greg has any questions about shanties let me know.

Jen thanks for the suggestion.

Take care everyone