Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How we found our cabin

July of 2004, Denise and I took a weekend trip up north to look for a weekend get away. We stayed in Harrison and picked up the local real estate books and went looking for a place. We looked at a couple places around Lake George and Shingle Lake. Denise saw a listing for a cabin on small lake about 17 miles north of Harrison. We went and drove past the cabin. It looked like a nice enough place but we decided not to stop. As we drove out to the main road to head back to Harrison we saw a couple more for sale signs on the next road over, so we drove down the road. There was blue cabin for sale. We got out and looked around and we really liked the cabin and the property. We then drove down to the end of the road and there sat this red log cabin. It was on a penisula. We got out and looked around, it was love at first sight. There was a Common Loon fishing right in front of the cabin. I told Denise that I did not care what we had to do but I wanted this little red cabin on the penisula.

We contacted the realtor and got a walk through of both cabins. Once again, the blue cabin was very nice but we absolutely had fallen in love with the log cabin. We figured out the finances and put a bid on the red log cabin. The bid was accepted and the cabin was ours.

Over the last four years we have enjoyed our piece of heaven on earth. And we look forward to many more years. We hope that you enjoy reading about our endeavors around the area.


Anonymous said...

I want to live there!!! That looks really nice and peacful :)

Powell River Books said...

Hello Denise and Bill - Denise, thanks for your kind comments over on the Tiny House Blog. I am going to bookmark you new blog to follow as well. Wayne and I can understand the feeling you and Bill had when you found your log cabin. Wayne and I knew the float cabin was for us even though we weren't in the market for one. You might be interested in some of my dutch oven and wood stove recipes. I've had lots of fun with them. I am sure we will stay in contact after this chance meeting. - Margy