Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peninsula Life

Life on the peninsula is as great as it gets. Our log cabin was the first cabin on the lake. It is almost 3/4 acre with 566ft. of frontage. Our front door faces West. The sun rises in the back of the peninsula, where the bedrooms are, and sets in the front. Our lake is in a valley, there is no cell service here, and barely any TV. The OnStar in my car does work, but we do have a land line in the cabin. It is generally much cooler on the peninsula, sometimes as much as 10F from our neighbors. The wind runs right across our place, making it feel cooler on hot days. We are one of the lowest cabins on our lake, meaning closer to the water. Many of our neighbors are up on the hill that makes the valley. They have steps going down to the water. We are on a hill, but not near as steep as some of our neighbors. Where the road ends, our property begins, there is no turn-around.

The peninsula

Our front yard

Side yard

Back yard

Entrance to our peninsula


Shelley said...

Can I tell you once again - I love your property - the landscape looks beautiful and 3/4 acre is a nice size! I think ours is 1/2 acre.

Jen said...

This looks like a wonderful setting and I can tell you are in love with it. I really like your sign. Great pictures!

Rick and Dianne said...

I just love what your land looks like. The lake looks wonderful and must really protect you from the neighbors.

Love the entrance sign!

gunn said...

Rapture.....paradise on the peninsula .
Enjoy life, eat dessert first.