Friday, November 14, 2008

Opening day of firearms is tomorrow

I just got home. Bill is on his way to the cabin for opening day. He told you about what I thought was a big dog in the front yard last night. Well, here she is...but, she is not a dog. Sorry about the pic. I tried to take it without flash and got nothing. I put my camera against the window and raised the flash. I didn't know that I would still get a reflection back at me with the lens against the window. Anyway, it didn't bother her at all. She went right back to feeding on Woodpecker mix out of my feeder. I get this special blend in Midland. It is all tree nuts plus dried fruit. I was SHAKING, she couldn't have been but 6 ft away from me! Deer don't usually come onto our peninsula since they are water locked. This was the first time I had seen a deer on our property. I have lots of hosta's all spring and summer, hope they forget this was a great place for food.

Here are a couple of pics where Bill is going hunting on State land. It is a section of forest that had a major fire that burned nearly 1800 acres about 3 years ago. Everyone in the area calls this 'the burn'. Last I heard, you are not allowed to 'bait' for deer this year because they had found a case of Chronic Wasting Disease in a private heard earlier this year. Bill hasn't ever baited anyway. Too bad the deer spread Bovine Tuberculosis and other diseases by where they eat, or I'd have a stash-o-sugar beets to watch deer all year at the cabin.

How about a woodpecker? I bought some meal worms on my way up north, but they weren't the favorite at the feeder. Woodpecker mix is loved by all. Here is a Red-bellied Woodpecker peeking over some food at the 'suet tree'. The yellow cup holds small suet balls. The White-breasted Nuthatches think they are really getting a treat when they get those little suet balls. I need to catch up with all of you blogger's out there! Let me head off to bloggy land to see what you all have been up to since I was gone! If you are going hunting, be safe. :)


Jessica said...

Hi Denise... I think you've visited my blog a few times and I am just getting over to your blog to greet you. I love your blog and your log cabin looks so cozy and inviting. Are you from Michigan? Your photos look like Michigan climate and us Michiganders do make reference to "up north" a lot.

I see we have a love of birds in common. Keep posting those bird photos! I've noticed a lot more activity at my feeders since it's gotten cold this week. I love it!

Nice to meet you... I'll be back again to visit.
Jessica (from southwest Michigan)

Denise said...

Yes Jessica, I've been over to your blog a few times. Our cabin is in Harrison, Michigan. Our home is in SE lower Michigan.

Powell River Books said...

Welcome back Denise -

But I know your home is where your heart is. We aren't hunters, I guess we are too much cityfolk at heart, but hunting season scares me a little bit while hiking or riding on our quads. You just don't know where people might be and what they might think you are. We wear bright colours and all, but still a little nerve wracking when you hear shots while you are out in the bush. I get to go back to my cabin after a week in the States taking care of appointments with my Mom. I am very excited because this trip we can stay for the week rather than frequent trips to town. When my Mom visits and stays in our condo in town we have to check on her every two days or so.

I have a few posts scheduled for my absence but will be here live most likely by the weekend. -- Margy

Shelley said...

How cool to have a deer come to your place!! I would love that! Liked your photo of the red belly peeking out too! The hubby is hunting while I'm getting the cabin in "pre-christmas" shape.
Did you ever get to Garden ridge?

Denise said...

I ended up not having enough time to get to Garden Ridge....shucks. I'll bet you surprise your hubby with all the beautiful Christmas stuff! He might think he is in the wrong house...LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great picture. We see quite a few while driving around up here, but very few actually come into our front yard. Ironically, we had a ton of deer wander into our front and back yards when we lived in Toledo. Our property backed up to a metro park, and they were everywhere. One winter several years ago, we saw about a dozen walking single file right in front of our house. Leading the way was a huge 10-12 point buck. It was pretty cool.

Jen said...

I think those deer remember where the food is. She may have a nice 10 pointer follow her there some day. Bill would love that!

Denise said...

Kim, I don't think that I've ever seen that many deer at one time, except on a private herd. Must have been a sight to see!

Jen, I sure hope not. I don't want to open up a hosta salad bar....sigh.