Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The weekend

I just spoke to Denise at the cabin. She is doing fine, she had the fire place going and it was 80 degrees in the cabin. She was watching TV and getting ready to go to bed. She will be on her way home on Friday and I will be on my up. We will pass each other on the freeway. She has to work and I am going up for a weekend of deer hunting. Momma wants some venision.

Been getting ready to go for the last couple days. So I look forward to heading out to hunt with the other 750,000 hunters that will be hitting the woods over the next two weeks. With any luck I'll be bringing home some venision. With my luck the only thing I'll be bringing home is a cold.

Take care eveyone.


Jen said...

Good luck Bill. My hubby has taken 2 doe already. They are too plentiful around here and need to be thinned out!

Shelley said...

My hubby & I wish you luck too! We are headed up north this Friday and hopefully he'll get his deer this weekend - but the pickings look slim when he looked at his deer cam!

Powell River Books said...

My husband is at our cabin right now while I am in town taking my mother to appointments. I get to go back to our cabin on Friday, but we aren't switching places. We get to enjoy it together. Enjoy your stay. - Margy

Bill said...

Thanks everyone for your good luck wishes. I am all packed and ready to go as soon as I can leave work I will be on my way.

I talked Denise tonight and she said she had gotten up from bed and she saw what she thought was big dog in the front yard. Upon closer observation she realized it was deer eating from her bird feeder. She said she got some pictures but that they did notr turn out very good. We will post them when I get back from the cabin.

Good Luck to all that are hunting and please be careful.