Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The drive north, final part - landmarks

Are you ready? STRAP IN! I'm a fast driver. Here we go again! Let's check the speedometer...102, is that fast enough for you? Pretty good for being in Park. My speedometer is broke. My Trailblazer is headed to the Chevy dealer on Monday.

This is a detour through the City of Detroit. That is the Detroit skyline in the distance. Yes, I am the freak who took these pics while driving.
Old Tiger Stadium. There was an emergency order to stop demolition a couple of months ago. Nothing has happened since.
Chrysler World Headquarters. I've heard that there is a big board room in the penta-star. Does anyone know if that is true? I took this pic one handed. Aren't I talented?
This is the Zilwaukee Bridge. We call it the 'Little Scary Bridge'. This bridge has been notorious for having structural problems. The first, being a segment of this bridge tilting several degrees during construction and took years of lawsuits to correct. This was the first ever pre-fabricated concrete bridge. There is all kinds of weather equipment on this bridge detecting wind speed, etc. I never get the warm and fuzzies driving over this bridge. Of course the 'Big Scary Bridge' is the Mackinac Bridge that connects the lower peninsula with the upper peninsula. Those of us that live in the LP are known as 'trolls' (get it, under the bridge?). Those that live in the UP are 'Yoopers'.


Shelley said...

Denise- I always slow down once I start going over the big scary bridge (a.k.a. Zilwaukee) - I hate going over that thing! Especially in slippery weather.

Shelley said...

P.S. Trolls rule!

Denise said...

Shelley - I chew my nails going over that thing! But, I do remember, when I was little, having to wait for the boats to go through while the old bridge was up.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Denise---Sounds like a scary bridge... We have some one-laners down 'hwar' in Tennersee--that shake when you cross them. Not the same thing as being in the city---but hay, scary bridge anyhow!!!! ha

George said...

Denise, it's been a long time since I've driven through Detroit, but I don't think I could do it while taking pictures! Great job on both counts.

Cedar ... said...

Denise,... I got a bit of a shiver and chill just reading about that bridge!

Denise said...

Betsy, shaky bridges, makes my teeth curl!

George, Yeah, I don't know how I actually got some of those shots.

Cedar - it's quite scary, too long to hold your breath and cross.