Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Victorian Christmas, part 2

Thomas Kincaide village. No pic's will ever do this justice.
Santa that my Mom made in ceramic class, when I was little.
Wall tree. The Santa topper is very old.
My small collection of "Mercury Glass" ornaments. They are so shiny and colorful. Each ornament is approx. 8-10" tall.
More of Aunt Martha's homemade ornaments. They were difficult to photograph.


The Three Little Bears said...

ooh, I love those villages. I always wish I could shrink down and play around it. lol.

George said...

It was great to see these ornaments. My parents had a couple of those mercury glass ornaments.

Alex and Alicia said...
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Alex and Alicia said...

ohhh, I LOVE Thomas Kincaide's work. I could look at his paintings for hours and hours... The little village looks absolutely beautiful! Any chance we could get some detailed photos? :)

Really love your decorations, especially the Santa your Mom made - so cute!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful Denise. You have so many oldies--which must be very very special. Having a Santa that your Mom made is so neat... Thanks so much for sharing.

Powell River Books said...

Thanks for the visit today. You have been very busy decorating. I got a few things out today while the snow was falling. We keep our boats in the water all year, both in the ocean and in the lake. Our temperatures aren't usually below freezing for an extended period (except in the mountains of course) and Powell Lake is so deep it doesn't freeze. Our cabin is about ten feet from shore, but the depth is about 80' already. I hope we can get back up to the cabin tomorrow. It's been three weeks and I miss it. -- Margy

Paula said...

Everything looks so pretty, Denise- the little village is wonderful. I would love to have a whole collection of those someday... all I have right now is a little church and a victorian house.

Jen said...

It all looks so homey.
I am liking that little 'wall tree' especially that Santa on top of it. You know where to find me if you get tired of it. :D

Cedar ... said...

Hi, I've been tagged by Corin and now am tagging you for 7 "weird or random" things about yourself. See my post for today... As i said, not necessarily weird, but definitely random!" Have fun with it!

hIWTHI said...

Wow, a Thomas Kincaide village??? I'd love to see that in person...I'm sure it's amazing.

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi Denise,
Love the ornies.Merry Christmas.
Prim Hugs,

Denise said...

HB Mama - I want to live in the blue Victorian house -- oh wait, I live in a blue Victorian (but I don't like the color of our siding).

George - I love Mercury Glass anything. I have an old oil lamp at the cabin with it's original mercury glass.

Alicia - Let's see if I can get closer detailed pics. There is supposed to be a macro setting on my camera...but I haven't figure out where yet.

Betsy - the date my Mom put on the Santa is 10/71.

Margy - I hope you got up to the cabin.

Paula - thank you, we love our little village.

Jen - We got our wall tree from Bronner's Christmas store. You can hang it upright or upside down. They had theirs decorated with a small village on the top, upside down, like ours is.

Cedar - I may take a stab at it.

Kim - the pics definitely will never show the beutiful 'light' it emits.

Sharon - thanks for stopping in!

Shelley said...

I want to come sit in your house and admire all the decorations! LOL! I LOVE Thomas Kincaide - his paintings evoke such warmth and a nice way to live.

Dian said...

I think I am the "comments deleted", I was playing around, so nice to see all the familiar Christmas decorations, Gdma has an old blow up santa that Uncle Don & I had when we were little, I think it has survived because they always kept air in it. I have seen the same santa when Paula Deen shows old home movies when her boys were little.

Denise said...

Shelley - come on over, we'll have some cocktails! Or, come on over to the cabin for dinner or appetizers and the guys can ice fish! :)

Mom - I remember that same blow up Santa from when I was a little girl.