Monday, December 8, 2008

The drive up north (part 1 - food)...

But first. I had planned to have a bloggy giveaway, but I am unable to do it at this time. Sorry! I have recently found out that the company that I work for is planning furloughs beginning in January. My company has now been affected by this economy. The effects are being felt around the world. I work in international cargo - aviation. I don't know if I will be part of the cuts yet, I am non-union. But, don't worry about us, we are doing fine. We will just go down to one income for a while. I'm quite frugal - I'll do a blog about that this week, as I will be asking for more frugal ideas. :)

On to happier things... The drive up north. Since not all of you live in Michigan, I thought I'd share some pictures of the things that I see and pass on the way up north. Some of these places you may not have ever seen...or hadn't seen in years. So, here is the drive northbound on I-75 from south of Detroit to the Midland area.

White Castle - home of the 'slyder'. Don't let them fool you on Top Chef, this is the original 'slyder'. Tim Allen has it right! We have lots of White Castle's in the area, I like the jalapeno cheeseburgers! They truly are hangover food. This stuff is not good for you!
Tim Horton's. GREAT coffee! I stop on the way to work there all the time. It is a coffee and doughnut chain in Canada and they are heading south. Tim Horton was a hockey player in Canada.

Halo Burger. This is a small chain of fast food in the Flint area. My Mom grew up in Flint. This used to be known as Q.P.'s when she was a little girl. They are famous for putting green olives on their hamburgers. Even at home, I put green olives on my burgers. YUM.

And, we can't leave out Frankenmuth's Freeway Fritz. Frankenmuth is a small German community but well known for their world famous chicken dinners. Freeway Fritz is part of the Bavarian Inn and they have this little to go place right off of the freeway if you can't sit down for their family style meal. I prefer Zehnder's over Bavarian Inn - just a personal preference. It had started to snow when I got to Frankenmuth.


Dian said...

My favorite is the Halo Berger, 1/4 lb deluxe w/olives, yum, yum, for those of you on the go, there is a Halo Berger at the Birch Run Exit just North of Flint.
PS, glad you made it home ok..Mom

Shelley said...

Hi Denise! Did you get my phone# that I responded to Bill with? I loved seeing your drive up - it was much nicer than ours on sat. morning. White Castle cravings seem to come to me late at night. My father always called them "rat burgers" - I always loved those things! Looking forward to your post on frugal ideas.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Denise, I am sorry to hear about your job problem (or possible problem). This economy is a MESS---and everyone says it will get worse before it gets better. SCARY!!!! I'll keep you in my prayers.

I love seeing more of Michigan's famous places. I've heard of White Castle --but none of the others. I'd love to go to Frankenmuth and have some of that chicken at the Freeway Fritz. YUM!

Denise said...

Hi Mom - yep, I'm home!

Shelley - Bill just gave me the message when I got home. He is not a very good secretary. Hey, there is a job for me - Bill's secretary. On 2nd thought - NO WAY! LOL

Betsy - we'll be fine, just tighten the reigns a bit. I'd love to RETIRE. Did you hear that Bill?

Wendy Cooper said...

Hmmm, Tim Horton's. The amount of money I spend there each week for myself and staff at work is enough for me to build a new log cabin :-)

George said...

Thanks for the memories. It's been years since I've had a White Castle. I have eaten at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth and it was 'almost' as good as the Colonel! I've been tempted by Tim Horton, but have resisted so far. I think that will have to change.

mommy-medic said...

We don't have any of those in Atlanta, at least I don't think we do. We have Krystal, which is just like White Castle.

Found your blog from your comments on PW. Thought I would check it out. :)

Denise said...

Wendy - Tim's coffee is perfect, isn't it?

George - yep, I love Frankenmuth chicken, don't get to eat there much.

mommy-medic - I do believe that I've heard of Krystal. I love checking out PW.

Jen said...

I've never eaten at White Castle--I just drive on by. yuck.
My hubby likes Tim Hortons-eats there when he travels--I wish they'd get to Kentucky soon.
Never heard of the Halo.

I've been to Frankenmuth a couple of times and had the chicken! SO SO good. And spent hours in that Christmas shop. My in-laws live in North West Ohio.

Well, it looks like if you ever get caught in snow on your drive up, you won't go hungry!

Anonymous said...

The economy unfortuneately has led to the closing of Freeway Fritz.

Cedar ... said...

Oh Denise,... sorry to hear about the possibility of you receiving a layoff for a while. I work at a school (staff, not tenured faculty) and I'm sure my position could be cut if the budget gets too tight this year. I live alone and live as frugally as possible, so it's a nervous time for many. I sure hope you aren't one that is cut.

Alex and Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing the 'foodie' portion of your drive up. Being a New Englander, I have never been to, nor heard of, any of these places! Does that mean I am living under a rock? Perhaps. :) If I ever make it out to Michigan, I will have to keep my eyes peeled for all of these locations.

I too am looking forward to hearing your ideas on a frugal lifestyle. The state of the economy is scary and any shared ideas are always welcomed! Being a student only a short time ago, I vividly remember living on $20 a week for food - I don't know HOW I did it, but it certainly made finances much, much easier for the time being. :)

Denise said...

Jen - I agree, very bad for you.

Anonymous - I had no idea that Freeway Fritz closed, what a shame.

Cedar - I hope that you don't have any cuts. I hope you'll share your frugal tips with us. Unfortunately, in the airlines, furloughs are part of the game.

Alicia - bring on your frugal ideas. How in the world did you live on $20 per week. Sounds tough!