Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Internet and No Power

Good Sunday Morning to All,

Well I type this blog note from my desk at work. Since Christmas Eve we have had no internet service and being the holiday they could not come out until tomorrow. This maybe delayed even more because Mother Nature has decided to use her mighty leaf blower today in our area. The winds are anywhere from 20mph to 60 mph, so needless to say the power was out when Denise got up for work this morning. Nothing like getting ready for work by flash light.

Denise does have her Trailblazer back. I believe we have paid for someones summer vacation with what it cost us to get it fixed. Denise will be heading up to the cabin tomorrow after the the internet is fixed.

No internet at home has been driving my lovely bride crazy. She misses all her Bloggy friends. So please be patient with us and we will be back posting about our little cabin as soon as possible.

We would like to Thank all of your for Chrsitmas wishes you have posted.We hope everyone had a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Thanks Mom for keeping everyone up to date for us.

Take care of yourselves.



Cedar ... said...

That is enought to drive me crazy too! In 2007 I bought a Honda 2000i generator. A bit pricey, but I've never regretted it for camping and also for power outages. It isn't big enought to run the whole house but it will keep me connected to the world via tv and internet. ... whew! Good luck!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thanks Bill for the update. Tell Denise that all of us (her bloggy friends) will be waiting for her --when she can get back online.

Take care in this horrible weather--and just take it easy. Mother Nature has certainly been cruel across the country this month..

Hugs to you both,

George said...

Thanks for the update. We've had high winds down here, but fortunately no snow.

Hopefully the power will soon be restored and life will return to normal.

Take care,

Rick and Dianne said...

Thanks for the update. We also had those high winds yesterday. Luckily no problems though. I know exactly how Denise feels about both her car AND her internet. I can do without TV and phones...but I need my "bloggy friends"!

So tell Denise I hope she's back online soon.